Cats rescued from Swieqi construction site

Recently Rita has been part of a group effort of cat lovers to rescue and re home thirty plus cats who were living in a field in Swieqi, this land is now being developed and bulldozers are ripping up the vegetation the cats used as a home.

Twelve cats have been vaccinated and neutered via Rita and she managed to arrange so the cats can live in a cat sanctuary

however the vets and these places need to be paid for on admission- so we are asking if you will kindly contribute to Rita’s costs.

Any contribution is welcome….

you can pay via paypal with your credit card /debit card or paypal account by clicking on the paypal link to the left on this page.

OR if you have a paypal account just log in and choose to send money to

this account has been specially set up by the group including Rita working to rescue the cats especially for funds to go to this particular rescue effort.

Thanks- The UK expat friends…

These are some photos of the cats just rescued at the construction site…






Cat poisoning

The once vast colony of cats freely roaming the grounds of San Gorg Preca College in Blata l-Bajda has severely dwindled over the last three weeks as the vast majority of all the cats have seemingly been poisoned. It has so far been confirmed by an autopsy done by Animal Welfare vets that a type of poison was used to kill the cats which resulted in the thinning of the animals’ blood, leading to internal haemorrhaging.

Rita Buhagiar, one of the two volunteers who took on the laborious task of caring for the cats, came forward to The Malta Independent with further details. According to Mrs Buhagiar, out of 40 adult cats, 17 have survived so far while out of around 40 kittens, 7 are still alive.

For full details click on article link.

Rita is looking after a number of pregnant cats rescued from the college. Any donations are welcome to assist with her costs of food and vet care/medicine.