~Helping stray and feral cats and kittens~

Cats up for adoption

These cats and kittens are looking for new homes! Some of them might not be available right away either because they’re recovering or still too young. Also, we only home our animals to good and loving families. Will you be one?

Successful rescue and adoption stories

Airport Kitten

airportkittenA small ginger kitten was found near the Airport runway and brought to me. I wonder where he wanted to fly to? It ate three plates of food that day, whilst making happy noises and drank a lot of water! I cleaned it up with a damp flannel and treated its eye infection. It is now recovering and soon to be adopted to a good home! It is a happy little thing and very affectionate.


DaisyDaisy was found in Iklin, with a foot injury. She had to have her leg amputated. Now she is resident at the Tomasina Cat Sanctuary.

White Cat

Cat injured by dog biteWhite Cat bitten by dog in Marsa. This cat was rescued and had stitches and treatment. Now she is in a new loving home.

Dee Dee

DeeDee Dee Dee was a very sick kitten who recovered and was adopted to a good home.


Hope rescued from gutter Hope is still in my care after a tumour was removed from her belly. She was found lying in a gutter In Mosta last September.


PixiePixie was stung by a bee on her head, which swelled up. She was treated by the vet and once well returned to her cat colony.


Sally_abandonedkittenSally was an abandoned kitten. I cared for her and she recovered and now is a happy cat in a good home.

B&W Kitten

kittenwithbrokenlegThis little black white kitten had a broken leg. I looked after him whilst he healed. He is now in a good home.


Max Before_brokenlegsMax had two broken legs and a cracked jaw when he fell of a high building. I stayed with him during the night and until he recovered. He is now in a good home.