~Helping stray and feral cats and kittens~

Welcome to Feline Welfare on the island of Malta


August 2017–
We have moved our website, FelineWelfare.com, to WordPress

Over the last ten years Feline Welfare of Malta has rescued and cared for thousands of kittens and cats that were injured or abandoned.

What we do

On average each year

adoptedcatwe find homes for 250 kittens

catcolony1,000 annually are neutered

heartCare is given to all those who need it

Hundreds of adult cats re-homed or placed in a cat sanctuary.


Cat neutering in Malta – both feral cats and stray cats – has helped enormously but many thousands of cats and kittens desperately need help. Feline Welfare is a one woman mission dedicated to helping these cats and kittens. As well as neutering and re-homing them, we feed cats and look after injured and sick cats.
Picture of a kitten


We depend on donations to continue our work and cover the costs of cat foods, neutering and other vet bills.